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Glasses-Free 3D…at last!

Glasses Free Technology

People love 3D; in fact, some people love it so much they’re willing to wear special glasses or headsets to see it. Now they don’t have to.

Patented Solutions

DTI has a breakthrough glasses-free 3D/2D display based on fundamental IP developed for NASA and now available for pretty much everyone.

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Licensing and joint venture opportunities available in key verticals including automotive, aerospace, education, engineering, graphics and gaming, healthcare, research, training and simulation. Contact Us

See 2D like always.
See 3D like never before!

DTI has successfully demonstrated a 3D flight deck display prototype that overcomes the head box limitations of traditional autostereoscopic systems.

Kyle Ellis - NASA

If DTI can achieve 70% – 80% of their promise, we are looking at the rebirth of modern 3D and its related interest.

Neil Schneider - 3D/VR Industry Thought Leader and Advocate

World leader in computer graphics processing names DTI an Emerging Company for 2016.

nVidia Emerging Companies

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